And a small glass hits the bar. I looked at it and time froze. Memories of when I got drunk and what it did to my body physically and emotionally started to pile up. I answered with a quick “Nope….. I appreciate it but nope.” 

My friend looks at me and says “What have you done with (insert my name here)?”

I replied, “She is not here anymore. That person has died.”

My friend gives me a combination of looks of confusion, disguise and what the fuck?

Then comes the peer pressure and the guilt trip. 

I don’t hear any of it. All it sounds like is the teacher on Snoopy. I have absolutely no clue what my friend is saying and I’m thinking I don’t have to explain why. 

This goes on throughout the whole night. My friend is explaining to everyone we know that I decided not to drink alcohol and I’m at a bar. My friend continues to say why are you at a bar if you are not going to drink? 

Constant negative comments and it’s always about them. 

Then it hit me at the moment. I don’t really know this person. I have never really hanged out with them. I have never really talked to them. I have never had a deep conversation with this person. Are we friends or are we just acquainted with each other?

I leave once this “friend” loses sight of me. 

I don’t want to deal with their drama and bullshit so I leave and smile. 

What was I thinking? That person is a toxic individual and I will continue to take out toxic people in my life. 

I’m going through a detox mentally, physically and emotionally. 


2 thoughts on “Here’s a shot……

  1. I life moves along in phases. You are becoming more aware of yourself and others that have been in the same phase for longer than they should, will never understand. I’m happy for you, friend.


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