Timely manner

I was going through a lot a couple of months ago. So I decided to download the app “TINDER”. Within a manner of 30 minutes I got 45 matches. The funniest was this guy who had a picture of himself in front of the mirror and his back was face towards the mirror. The first I noticed was his bare ass. The next couple of pictures was of him with a thong on. I amused and interested about what he was thinking when he did this and I immediately swiped right. We matched and he sent the first message asking what do I think of his pictures. I told him he needed better lighting and bathroom pictures suck. I tried to answer him differently and it set some kind of spark in him. He then goes on to tell me that it was an experiment and that I was the first person to answer him the way I did. When he did match with women they would go eww or ask him what he was thinking. We talked for almost a month and he finally wanted to meet. His last text to me was “Please arrive in a timely manner.” Well I did arrive in a timely manner and he never showed up. Tinder failed me. He texted me back with an excuse but I unmatched him right after he sent that message and deleted the app.  


8 thoughts on “Please arrive in

  1. Tinder will throw you into a world of sabotage. lol. You did the right thing by deleting it. Whatever happened to the good ole fashion “seeing someone you like and asking them for their phone number”? Is that still a thing?

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