We are meant to be here. Your life does have a purpose

A couple of years ago, I was in a rut. I just failed a test that needed me to move on to my the next chapter of my story. I was beat. I was stressed. I failed my teachers, friends and family. I was ready for the test. I prepared as much as I can.

After I took the test, I had no feeling of being relieved. I was sad. I cried my eyes out in my car or what I thought were tears because it was sooo HOT that day.

I waited for the official results. I got the results and didn’t open it open for another week. I knew. I had this feeling already. I didn’t want to handle it. So I finally opened it and I failed. Those words of “have not passed” beat me up. IT tore me down and I just wanted to burn the paper.

A couple of years is actually 5 years. I took the test again and waited for three months before I had to take it. I failed again. The third time I waited almost 4 years which was just last year. I took it again and failed again.

It’s been 8 months. I am planning on taking it again.

I realized after my trip that we all have  choice of how we are going to go through the day and how we are going to deal with certain situations. I know I have a purpose in this life. I know that I am bound for greatness and success. I little failure shouldn’t put you down. You have to fail to succeed. Fall 100 times and get up 100 times. No matter what never give up on your dreams and the goals you want to accomplish. Yes, it will be hard. But work through it and in the end you will be proud of yourself.


3 thoughts on “You were meant to be here.

  1. This isn’t criticism but a comment: This reminds me of my thoughts when I was in school and ‘obstacles’ arose that I felt sure I had to persevere and push through (as if that’s all part of reaching one’s goal). It’s been over 20 years and, with hindsight, I think I would have been better off accepting the ‘clues’ and moving on to something else. I now believe I made the wrong choice by ‘overcoming my obstacles’.


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