Woke up from my alarm and see that it’s 1:00am. I get ready and wait for a text from my tour guide that he is ready and waiting for me outside.

0220: “I’m here.”

At this moment, I am sooooo stoked to be “hiking/walking” the active volcano Mount Batur. My friends were talking about it and I read about the experiences people wrote about hiking Mount Batur….what I didn’t know was you also had to be “kind of fit” for this hike.

It took about an hour to get to our destination and I met up with my hike guide  name Jerro. I could have got it wrong but it sounded like “hero”…little did I know I would be calling him that a lot.

They gave me tea and also two bottles of water.

0400am: Hero says to me “Ready?”… and I think to myself “Yup! Totally”

We are walking for about 30mins and my I could feel my legs slowly ache. I was telling myself don’t this right now. NOpe nope. You are not even half way!! Come on!!! Get it together. Here you have a 100lb hike guide that probably could run this mountain!

I suddenly feel my stomach rumble and I knew what was coming. Ohhhh and it came. I lied to my hike guide and told him that I need to pee…..nope I totally had to do the other thing…have a bowel movement. Yes. I did it. I pooped in the volcano. I said I was sorry. It is a natural fertilizer. It was a good thing I had those baby wipes in my bag.

Mind you…I was holding a backpack carrying a dslr camera, a gorilla pod, three water bottles, and my go pro. So the weight was okay…oh it did it get heavier.

An hour and a half into the hike and we were not even at the half way point and he tells me that it will get harder.

So basically the maximum time is 2hours up the mountain and two hours down the mountain. Which comes to a total of 4 hours. Wait I mean the VOLCANO which is still ACTIVE!

My legs just kept cramping up but I wasn’t about to be the weak one and stop because there were a bunch of other people behind us and I didn’t want to slow everyone down.

Its when the third hour hit and my legs were in pain. I know I could handle it but I knew they were about to give out and that’s when Hero was telling me to save my energy because it is harder going down.

So i took that advice and took more breaks. Everyone surpassed us and we were basically the last ones. There were older people passing me. I even asked him what’s the oldest customer you have had hike this volcano and he tells me a 70yr old man who didn’t even take any breaks. I was surprised and amazed.

We had reached the half way point at hour 4 and we were still far away from the top. I was disappointed in myself and hated the fact that I was cramping up and taking multiple breaks. But Hero was so patient with me he even took my bags and was carrying up the mountain already. We could see the the dark turn into dark shades of blue and then bright blue and then yellow and there were clouds around us. It was such a beautiful site and I haven’t even reached the top yet.

Hero was telling me that we were almost there and to keep going but slowly. It was even a higher climb and I was about to pass out or my legs were about to give out and I thought to my head ‘Please, mount batur be good to me. Let me finish this hike. Spare me.” But as I inched closer to leveled land and reached the top and turned around and saw the sight in front of me I realized that Mount Batur does not spare anyone. If you want to make it up this hike and say that all that pain and suffering was worth it..Do the hike and suffer the pain. The pain disappears once you take in the beauty of what you accomplished and what you see before you. You are amongst the clouds and amongst the beauty surrounding Mount Batur. You conquered not only the mountain but yourself. You didn’t give up. I didn’t give up. I took out the thought in my head of caring what people were thinking about me hiking up this mountain like a snail. It was my own pace and I did it on  my own with the help of Hero. I can’t thank him enough. He helped me through it.

The picture that you see above was taken as soon as I reached the top. I got my bag, took out my camera and took the picture. It was a perfect moment for me. The perfect moment when the clouds were quickly passing by the mountain and we slowly saw the beautiful landscape and lake batur below. It was magnificent and I was so lucky to experience it.


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