I’m finally back home from my trip to Indonesia and Thailand. It was an amazing trip and I loved every minute of it. Yes, I traveled alone and yes I was afraid but once I got there the fear faded away.

I am just so lucky to have the life I have and I’m able to travel the world. I just have to set my mind on it and I could do it. I remember driving to work and I saw a plane in the sky. I told myself I will be in you. A couple of months later, I was in a plane and heading to my first destination for a lay over.

I stayed in Bali, specifically Ubud and I was able to get a tour guide to take me around. The most memorable and most unforgetable is hiking Mount Batur and reaching the top. My guide was so patient with me and we completed it in five hours. My legs were like jello by the end of the hike. I just wanted to shower, get a massage and sleep the rest of the day. But you know what? I didn’t. I walked around, met some awesome locals and also other travelers and had the time of my life. I wasn’t in Bali long but I will definitely be back to stay longer or maybe even live in. The life there is more relaxed then back home.

Last day at Bali I decided to check out one of the popular bars. I met some people and danced the night away. I left around 12pm so that I could be well rested and pack all of my things. On my way walking back to my place, one of the locals asked if I wanted to be dropped off but I told him I was close by and it wasn’t nescessary. He said he would be happy too but then there was another traveler talking in english and was like “come over and have a beer”. SO I went over to the closed restaurant/bar and as soon as I was there he had an Australian accent. WE almost talked for two hours and he decided to walk me back to my place. While walking there he decided to hold my hand. We got to my place and I invited him in. He was drunk so I told him to stay and spend the night because I don’t want anything to happen to him because the night before he got into an accident when his friend drove his scooter. I told him to get comfortable and I decided to take a shower. I cam out and he was already asleep. I laid down and then asks me “do you still want a massage?” and I thought to myself who wouldn’t want a free massage and I said yes. Many other things happened but I’m not going to discuss further. My last day in Bali was an amazing day.

I stayed in Phuket and was able to rent out a condo. IT was a beautiful condo and the tenant I rented it from also included a scooter. I basically was busy everyday. THe day after I got there I did the Phi phi island hopping tour, next day thai cooking class, then next day watched the siram niramit show and did the flying hanuman. Then the next day I went on a boatcruise that took us to these caves with guides that were paddling canoes and we got to see the sunset. Then I hired a driver/tour guide and I got to see snakes, monkeys, tigers and elephants.He also took me to the famous Bangla Road and I hung out at a nightclub and met other travellers and we danced the night away again. I had to leave by midnight and they didn’t want me to. I had to though.

Phuket was amazing. I had the greatest experience ever. Just thinking to myself and seeing how lucky I am to be living. I realized that I should forgive “hey dear”. The guy that broke up with me. We finally met up and we talked. Everything is good with us. We will see what happens.

I will be traveling again in a few months. I’m so excited.



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