and that was the end.

The person that I was dating broke up with me on February 29. It was different because I didn’t cry or wallow. I was kind relieved that he did break up with me. It was a bad relationship and I continued it. I saw all the signs or what you like to call “RED FLAGS” and I put them aside. I don’t message him anymore. He is the one that messages me.

Basically I was putting all the effort or what seemed like it. I asked him a question “do you still want to date me?” because it seemed like he didn’t put any effort to hang out when he was off. There was always an excuse. He answered : we are done. Then I replied with ok that’s it and told him that he made that decision and I still wanted to date him. Then he answered back “i’m confused”. What was so confusing about my statement? Then he goes to say it’s my fault and that he saw foresaw it. I asked him if you foresaw it then why did you waste my time? HE didn’t have an answer for it. He dodged my question which he normally does. I didn’t talk to him for three days and then he messages me telling me about some tshirt he ordered for work that he got for me before we broke up and that I can have it if I want. Another couple of days later he messages me what’s up. I told him I was with friends for karaoke. HE tells me I will leave you alone. Several days later he messages me asking what’s up? Then telling me I am free to come over this place to swim. I thank him for the offer and tell him I will let him know. Most recent message from him was “HAPPY EASTER YO”. I replied back and no reply.

I’m through with him. He is toxic. He is selfish and he was an asshole. IF he really did like me like he said he did I believe he would have put out the effort to hangout with me.

Enough of the stupid drama.

My bestfriend booked her ticket and she is leaving in May. About a week ago I decided to check on united and see flights from home to Hawaii. I had enough miles. So i decided to do a trip from hawaii to japan. I still have enough miles. Anyways, I am going to be following my best friend to Hawaii and then I’m going to Japan afterwards. It was sort of a quick decision. I will be gone for two weeks and I will be traveling alone to Japan. Adventure is out there and I can’t wait.

I am so happy right now that I’m traveling but sad because once I get back home my best friend will no longer be there. Yes there is skype, whatsapp, facebook but I will not physically be able to hug her or sit next to her. It’s going to be different.


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