overacted a bit on my last post.

I look back at the post and I slap myself each time I read it.

I’m so whiny.

It was about this guy I was seeing and I thought that our relationship would go to another level.

Well, I thought to early and got to excited to early.

I finally said what I needed to say to him and I have moved on.

After telling him all the things that I needed to now he is more attentive. Now he is talking to me more. It has made me more confused. He says he’s busy and doesn’t have time for a relationship and then goes on to tell me that he does want a relationship with me but just doesn’t have the time.

Yes, I am still talking to him.

Yes, I am still hanging out with him.

Today he says he misses me.

I questioned him and he replies with a duh.




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