On Monday I met up with my best friend at a local restaurant. It had been almost a week since I last saw her. I use to see her almost everyday but with our work schedules it’s just been difficult.

I met my best friend through a mutual friend who is another best friend of mine. She was working at a lingerie shop in the mall and she was talking about how we are going to meet her little big sister. The reason why she calls her little big sister is because she is 5’7″ and my other best friend is 4’9″ maybe shorter. So that was the first time I met her and the next time I would be meeting her was in the next 3 years. I graduated from college and basically had this phase where I went out and drank practically every day. I was a late bloomer.

I finally saw “little big sister” again at a bar and she just recently went through a very bad break up. Her ex broke up with her through facebook. That is the most horrible way to break up with a person. This is someone she truly loved and saw a future with. She gave her all to him. At the time I didn’t know until we started hanging out more often. I’m not too sure if she remembered meeting me before but it didn’t really matter because it was honestly like I saw her yesterday. We instantly clicked. I got to know her and she got to know me. I helped her go through some rough times and she helped me as well.

Anyways, four years and a couple months later we are closer than ever.

After being single for five years she finally met someone that is making her extremely happy. This person is also someone I know.

So there we were finishing our lunch and she was telling me how she had a serious conversation with her boyfriend. He is currently serving our country and has been stationed here for a couple of years and he is finally getting out in March 2016. He was telling her that he doesn’t want to lose her and that he physically wants her to be with him when he moves. She also told me that she has fallen in love with him but hasn’t said “I love you” to him yet. She believes he knows because he accidently slipped “i love you” last weekend.

I have a strong feeling that she will follow her heart and take the risk of following him. Her sister is here for a couple of more months and she will be moving back to be with her husband so my best friend is going to follow her.

My best friend starts crying and telling me that I am her heart and that she doesn’t want to leave me. She is okay with leaving her family but she doesn’t want to leave me behind. She even said how she doesn’t know how she would be like if I wasn’t there. I then started to feel myself tearing up. I just told her how happy I am for her and that she finally found someone that is worth it.

I didn’t have the words to say it before but I want to tell her that I will be okay and that she will be okay. We will definitely keep in touch and say our Good mornings everyday. She too is my heart and she has helped me go through some rough times. She is my before anything else.

I know she will be okay without me. She is a strong, smart, kind, beautiful, independent human being.


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