Or over analyzing everything. It’s the one habit I wish to break free from. I tried so many ways to stop myself from doing it but I always allow myself to do it. 

This always happens when I meet someone new. 

I have recently met some one and the first few dates have been wonderful. He asked me what I was looking for. I was honest with him and told him I was not looking for a fwb. I told him we will see how things go. He was telling me how he really likes me and would go all in.  Before our last date he was so eager to see me again. After our last date the text messages have been a bit different and he seems distant. He says he is sick, busy, etc.  Yesterday he wanted to hang out today with me after I got off work. I was texting him today and he was at the doctors clinic. He has the flu. He wasn’t texting as much as before. There was no effort with him to talk to me. I seemed like the pest. I kept texting him just to see how he was doing. I even called him 3x after work just to see if he wanted to meet up. He texts me and says he’s on the toilet. It could be because he’s sick that he doesn’t want to talk or be bothered by anyone. I called him one last time to say good night and no answer. 

I honestly have to put all this thinking to the side. He likes me I know and I like him. We have a very strong connection. 

I just want to speak to him in person. I hate texting. 


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