Donald Trump….

I honestly don’t know who the guy is or care to know who he is but I was having dinner with a friend last night and I overheard the table next to us talking about Trump. It was a pretty heated conversation and there was no way I could ignore it. As much as I wanted to enjoy my dinner and the complany of my friend, the conversation of Mr. Donald Trump was spreading in the restaurant like the black plague. I understand that you are so into the conversation but please remember you are in public.

What I learned from the fight about Donald Trump was: He is racist. He doesn’t like mexicans. He has a tupee. He squints a lot. He is rich. He is actually not rich and has spent all his money on his presidential campaign. He will actually be bankrupt. He sold his hotels because he is going broke. He had a reality show.


They finally talked in their library voice and I was able to enjoy my dinner and the company of my friend after an hour.

At the end, someone walked out.


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