write a post everyday. 

Topic of discussion: Money

They say money doesn’t buy happiness. But it definitely does make people feel secure and powerful. People with lots of money can get away with things. 

Take the movie hostel for example. This club includes a bunch of rich sadistic folks that can get away with murder because they pay a lot of money to do so. Yes I know it’s a fictional movie but stories like that may have some truth. 

Side note: please do not take what I am writing seriously. I am writing what I am thinking and not looking back. If you do not like what you are reading you most definitely have a choice to close this window or continue reading. Anyways back to today’s entry. 

A couple of days ago I  ran into two homeless people that have been begging for money for 3 months already. They had 3 children with them and very young. They were basically raising money to go back to the states. They raised enough to fly their children out but not enough for them. I decided to give them money. I didn’t expect anything in return. They most definitely needed it more that me. I walked away wondering how did they get to where they are now. I have heard some stories about them but I didn’t believe the stories because there was no truth to it or evidence that the stories are true. I just hope they make enough to fly out and reunite with their family.

I have also seen money tear families apart. It’s not a pretty sight to see but it happens.

To me, money helps me help my family. I work in a job that doesn’t make me happy but I stay because it provides for me and my family. It helps me pay my loans. It keeps me over a roof. I am very fortunate and grateful for what I have. 


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