It’s what I have been feeling since the day I failed my test. it was a test to tell me I am a registered nurse. A test to determine my future. A test to make my family proud of me. I test that I have failed for the THIRD time. I graduated from nursing school in 2011. It is now 2015. You do the math. I studied to the best of my abilities. I wanted so bad to pass this test and make my parents proud. They are the only people that I was doing this for.

It’s almost been a month since have taken the test and I have just been feeling this sort of emptiness. I’m in sort of a stand still. Like when a writer has writers block. I have been questioning whether being nurse is what I really and truly wanted. In the long run will this career make me happy?

Almost 8 years ago when I decided that I wanted to be a nurse the idea of this being my career choice was what I wanted at the time. Time has changed.

I have changed.

I’m starting this blog just to write out my thoughts and what I’m feeling. Just to get things out there. Hopefully this process of writing things out will help me in finding out about myself. Because all of us are all trying to find ourselves.



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